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HILARIOUS: Watch Men Tie Gele (Headscarf)


Headscarves can compensate for a bad hair day and a less stylish outfit, it is indeed a stylish clothing accessory.


Gele, pronounced [Gay-lay], a flat piece paper-like African fabric with plain or bold patterns wrapped by hand to form a hat, is known among African women to draw attention to an appearance. It has its roots in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa.

Men fashionably tie headscarf too, but I’m curious as to how they can pull off tying Gele on women; unmistakably not on themselves. Geles are highly feminine. Here is a typical situation of ‘some things are for girls only’


Watch this Adot’ Comedian and Fola ‘Naija Boy’:

Boys Doing the Gele (Head Tie) Challenge

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