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Beyonce Unretouched! -See Beyond The Looks

Beyonce-Unretouched-2013-1-600x459Yes, Beyonce is human and a woman; Beyonce’s face can develop acne and pimples because she is a woman. But if leaked out raw photos of the Pop Queen is the stance to which you verify her flawlessness, then you are being unfair.

Beauty they say is skin deep, remember? What happened to her activism, confidence, her contagious smiles, even her ‘flawless’ voice?

We think Beyonce looks beautiful because we see beyond her appearance.
We think Beyonce is flawless because her personality and makeup outshines her unretouched photos of the L’Oreal Paris beauty ad shoot in 2013.





Photos: TheBeyonceWorld

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4 thoughts on “Beyonce Unretouched! -See Beyond The Looks

  1. Roflmao, miz awele is taking the defence too personal,I’m sure your a member of the bey hive, anyways even B ain’t bothered. She is happy and that’s all that matters

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