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The Burger!

According to Google, the top UK recipe search in 2014 was for burgers. Burgers probably have the worst reputation when it comes to healthy and clean eating. However with so many being accessible to us on a daily basis from super chains such as McDonalds and Gourmet Burger, it’s easy to fall back into our old habits and have that sneaky Big Mac. With high saturated fat and salt, we can often overlook some of the benefits that the occasional burger can provide; yes there are benefits if prepared the right way!

The Original Cheese Burger

Your average McDonald cheeseburger contains around 30% saturated fat and 27% salt, all big contributors to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The Turkey Burger

However home made burgers prepared with lean mince beef and a selection of your favourite herbs and spices can provide a healthy and nutritious evening meal. Beef provides some essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), without which the body cannot make. These amino acids are essential for numerous activities in the body such as muscle metabolism (valine). The lack of even one of these essential amino acids means your body will break down muscle to get them.

The Salmon Burger

Essential amino acids can be found in chicken, eggs, beef and turkey. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, essential amino acids can be provided through supplementation, which can be found in your local health supply store.

The Veggie Burger

So lets get cooking guys! Click on each of the images above to get ideas and recipes for your healthy burger.

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Author: Elizabeth Uwiduhaye

Elizabeth is a self-proclaimed nutrition fanatic who went on to study it at the University of Reading. She shared her childhood in both Rwanda and England, setting the basis to her globalised view of diets and lifestyles. Elizabeth’s love of food was developed through working in various different restaurants and her mother’s home cooked African meals. She hopes to combine her passion for cooking and knowledge of science in each recipe that is posted..

“Having had troubles with my weight, I feel compelled to help others through effective weight management with a healthy diet. I believe a heavily plant based diet is best, there is no doubt that fruits and vegetables carry significant life improving factors when combined with lean meats, fish and whole grains. The topic of nutrition is always changing and this is what I love most about it, we all eat but what we eat is different so why should we follow the same advice?
My goal is to inspire people to try new ways of discovering food through different lifestyles which encourage variety and enjoyment of food.”

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