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Queens Of Africa! Black Dolls Outselling Barbie


Flashback to 2007, a Nigerian father Taofick Okoya, 43 decided to create Black Barbie dolls that Nigerians girls would be mad about too; just something the black girl could easily relate to and a promotional tool for traditional feminine ideal.

It was a total package. The ‘Queens of Africa’, so it’s called, come along with traditional outfits and accessories. Its skin colour was black, with hair traditionally braided or wrapped in African print fabric.

The doll is so popular now hat, according to Reuters, it is selling up to 9.000 units a month – a staggering 15% of the country’s toy market, and they aren’t just selling in their home country but gone global in recognizable countries like Brazil, America, and in Europe.

Take a look.






Source: Daily Mail UK

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