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Vacation: DJ Cuppy In Malta [Photos]

2015-03-16 01.34.40

She was the resident DJ at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban. The chic DJ, songwriter and producer has a lot going on in her life at the moment.

We checked in on her 2weeks ago, and guess what? Cuppy was in Malta. It seemed fun, relaxing and most importantly, she loved her stay. She had her friend Amir Emarati to show her around.

Here are a few photos to share

2015-03-16 01.36.48

2015-03-16 01.35.20

2015-03-16 01.33.42

2015-03-16 01.37.52

2015-03-16 01.38.46

2015-03-16 01.36.05

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Source: DJ Cuppy [Instagram]


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  1. These Lebanese boys abi emirati boys Sha, they can like to pursue women, lol.. Anyways dj cuppa or whatever her name is has been doing good for herself, on the low tho

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