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Sneak Peak : Kim Kardashian’s “Selfish” Selfie Book

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go site “So many people think that taking so many selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what’s so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories”

blank writing services ma According to New York Daily News, Selfish will have ‘115 cleavage shots, 23 butt shots, 10 nude selfies and only one shot of her baby bump from 2013. Kim Kardashian’s Selfish book, which comes out in May, includes some old photos where she had not mastered her selfie skills, thus the change between then and now is clearly seen.

see Here is a platform where the 34yr old celebrity Selfie Queen brings to life her memories and moments, curves and looks, from social media onto paper. We are itchy till the book release next month. Will it make sales? Will it be create a stronger bond between Kim K and her fans? Here is a sneak peek of some photos of her personal selfie journal journey.



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