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Khayc Wins’s $200 Top Commenter Of The Month Giveaway


Congrats to one of our ardent readers, Khayc, the first ever winner of our $200 top commenter of the month giveaway. We shall write to you in the next few days to make arrangement for the cash to get to you in whichever country you may be located.

We can’t wait to find out whom this months winner will be. It could be you, but do not forget to read the Terms and conditions HERE.


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29 thoughts on “Khayc Wins’s $200 Top Commenter Of The Month Giveaway

  1. Honestly! there’s partiality in this….I was also a top commenter. but well, no problem

    1. Hi Joel
      Yes you were in the lead for a while, but as of the last day in April, Khayc had taken the lead.
      Fingers crossed you will be the winner of this month’s giveaway.

  2. So i got to receive my $200 today after waiting patiently *tongueout and have told folks about it,be rest assured there would be competition here soon.i also want to say a big thankyou to glam africa for the cash gift.i have been busy of late,havent been commenting for a while ,would soon come and torment joel with my comments.lmao!

    Thanks Barbara

  3. hello glam africa,

    i have issues with your comment system,some of my comments dont appear and whenever i try posting it again they say duplicate content,pls rectify this as these comments are over 25 ,thanks

  4. OMG! there seems to be some heat here lol,quite an interesting race as iv monitored joel and chinonye in time past…lets see who wins,all hope aint lost @ joel

  5. glamafrica just has to reward me this time honestly….. nowhere else to comment again, no new posts….please guys it has to be a double reward this time

  6. This is bad! No new posts to comment on, glamafrica this is not fair enough….this was how I lost last month….. This will be my last attempt

  7. see chinonye, you beta free me… can have the money, its all yours…..but I don’t mind if you share it with me

  8. I don’t like how people spam the comments section in a race for the cash. Some of the replies make no sense, some people are responding to themselves, and others say basically repeating the same thing or saying a few words. I think you need to revise the rules.

  9. Its as a result of no new posts, I’m sure the management team of glamafrica will see to it soonest, it’ll definitely stop. I’m guilty of it too, big time

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