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Monday Upheavals 635596516099393413-81909701_goodbye Are Mondays really that stressful? It is understandable given 2-days of less work and relaxation as weekend, Mondays are reminders of 4 more days of work. What of the social media worker whose weekends are no different from his weekdays?

follow site I never understood the fuss of Friday’s natural excitement feel in the office till I started working a 9-5 in the office. Perhaps, we don’t like routine, or just maybe, we’d rather choose relaxation over work. Then again, there are those who get equally excited about Mondays as they are on Fridays. I am talking of the employee with a comfortable and friendly working environment, the employee who is 100% passionate about his work and even shows traits of organizational citizenship. Is it that we lack muses and motivation at our workplaces? Let us move out of the office; the student has now grown to recognize himself with the Monday stress. The central question is, why should a student, an individual or employee working to make ends meet feel lazy about the first working day in the week? Is Monday not intended to symbolize a fresh start and beginning, being the first working day in the week?

Fascinating, yes, but this is a contagious, probably a mental of psychological game on us all, but whatever it is, we’ve all been caught in its web.

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