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Rihanna debuts her faux dreadlocks. Are we here for it?

So on Monday Rihanna recently posted a picture of her new hairstyle, faux dreadlocks which are thick and waist length.14566668_678030755704290_3313746222971355136_n


Locks date all the way back to the Old Testament with Samson’s strength being stored in “the seven locks on his head” and the Roman empire, Celts, Greeks and are also strongly linked with being a Rastafari lifestyle.

Locks have become much more popular whether they are real or faux. Marc Jacobs caused much debate when he featured faux dreadlocks in his show for New York Fashion Week and only hired two black models.14295374_670279476471850_1036260538_n

Last year Zendaya wore faux locks to the Oscars and Giuliana Rancic, from Fashion Police, said that the hair made her look like she “smells like patchouli oil. Or, weed.” which again sparked much debate.11007938_799287436786741_44140569_nEven though we are seeing dreadlocks more on our runways and red carpets there is still a lot of ignorance surrounding the hairstyle and its history.

Do you think dreadlocks becoming more mainstream will help alleviate misconceptions? Do you have dreadlocks? If so, what’s the most ignorant thing a person has said to you because of your hair?

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Author : Dadawele Mniki (Online Writer)

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One thought on “Rihanna debuts her faux dreadlocks. Are we here for it?

  1. I got mad love for this beautiful woman.

    From her voice, hairdo and skin colour on point.

    Jam jam looking good always.

    Hope to work with you sometime in future BIG WOMAN

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