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Fashion Week Special By Sharon Ojong: How to Blend Tradition with Trend

So we’re heading into another round of fashion week, of course we mean Lagos Design and Fashion Week. Are you feeling a little unprepared and uninspired? Not to worry. Fashion Influencer, Sharon Ojong has three easy looks to replicate over the next few days.

The Unconventional Look

This look is calculated, like a game of chess. The Udo Culture robe is strategically combined with a colour and tie to disturb conventions and norms.


The Lady-Like Look

A Glam contrast with the look above. This ensemble look playful and feminine. A Zinkata pinafore combined with Gbemisoke Shoes are the way to go.



The Funky Look

This look feels like a funky Throwback! Flared trousers by Amarelis Atelier and shirt by Zinkata are a fabulous 80s match.

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Credits: Curated by Sharon Ojong, Visuals by Uche, Editing by Wemyling, Makeup by @Ty_Ni, Photography by @HorploadWorks

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