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Meet The CEO of Dress Me Outlet Olatorera Oniru: Glam Squad Are You Ready For Cocktails and Dresses Event

With less than 24 hours to go, we are so beyond excited for this year’s Cocktails and Dresses event! Will you be joining us there Glam Squad? Earlier this month we spoke to CEO of Dress Me Outlet, Olatorera Oniru to find out more about tomorrow’s fashion agenda.

What part of this year’s Cocktails and Dresses event are you most looking forward to?

We are looking forward to seeing a massive, massive turnout! This year’s December edition is tagged The Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best. We are of course also looking forward to seeing the great variety of fashion, beauty and home goods that will be on exhibition from the very most creative brands. It will be a great day to celebrate made in Africa creativity.”

What changes have you made from last year’s programme?

Quite a number of changes. We have scaled up and challenged ourselves even more. We have tripled our efforts for this edition. We have increased the number of vendors, media partners and expected turnout. We are also enacting a lot more marketing plans such as billboards across the nation. We have also invited designers from [all over the world]. We have designers from the USA, Ghana, Liberia and South Africa retailing at Cocktails and Dresses December 2016.”

What would you like to achieve with this annual event within the next five years?

We want Cocktails & Dresses to be the largest African sales & exhibition event for the Fashion and Beauty industry. We want international buyers to attend Cocktails & Dresses, purchase the very best of made in Africa products and retail them in global markets. We are already analyzing bigger venue options for 2017 and bigger partnerships with our sponsors and supporters.”

What has been your favorite fashion look from the runway season?

“I really like Bridget Awosika, Maki Oh, O’Saunders and Ituen Basi plus a lot others. I see a lot of established and growing talent in the industry.”

What progression have you seen in the African design industry within the past year?

“We have seen a lot of retail players enter the market. We have also seen a lot of designers enter the market which is very good; it drives healthy competition for all brands. The industry is growing and we want more and more players coming in to magnify the industry.”

Can you give us three upcoming designers to keep on our Glam Radar?

Yes! Woman by Aisha, Valentina Anne and Style Temple. All doing excellent ready to wear and runway fashion.”

What is one style trend we need for the festive season?

“Colours and off-shoulder prints are currently in-vogue. You can’t go wrong with bright African colours or off-shoulder tops and dresses in Ankara.”

What words of wisdom would to impart to aspiring fashion designers/ influencers?

“Push your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from doing anything great for the world. Fashion designers looking to get their brands listed and sold via ‪‬, please reach out to us at We are tripling all efforts in 2017 and welcome onboard the very best of the African fashion, beauty and home goods industry across men, women and kids categories.”

If you haven’t registered for you ticket already Glam Squad, now is the time to do it! Spaces are literally running out! For more information, event details and tickets click here.

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