Actress Nomzamo Mbatha is the girl of the moment; from becoming the face of PUMA, Neutrogena, L’Oréal and Audi South Africa, her achievements are endless. Now gracing the cover of Glam Africa Magazine’s Brand New You South African Edition, Nomzamo shares her highlights of 2017. Despite the short time she’s been

5 Celebs Who Won In 2017 & Are Planning To Win Bigger In 2018

2017 had a lot of special packages for the celebs who wanted to go the extra miles to do things they are not usually known for, and most of them succeeded in making great things at of their effort. Female celebs across the continent gave their male counterparts a run for their

#BrandNewYou: It’s All About That Black Magic With Yemi Alade As She Discusses Her Just Released Album For Glam Africa Magazine’s Brand New You Edition

  Yemi Alade’s ‘Black Magic’ album has been blowing the airwaves since its release less than two weeks ago. Now on the cover of Glam Africa magazine, she shares her 2017 journey, why she chose the name ‘Black Magic’ for her latest album and the hidden truths of the music industry. From

#12daysofglam: GLAM AFRICA’s Christmas Giveaway Winners Announced!

It’s the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for! We want to say a tremendous “THANK YOU" to our dedicated readers for taking part in #12daysofglam, Glam Africa annual Twelve Days of  Christmas giveaway contest. This year, being our first was jam-packed full of amazing giveaways and we couldn’t be more overwhelmed


Nigerian-Ghanaian based top model, Actor, Entrepreneur and change agent, Victoria Michaels – who has an almost-unbelievable figure, natural hair and a cool, collected deportment – is one of the most sought-after figures to be the brand ambassador and lead commercial model for leading businesses in Africa. In addition to strutting the

#12DAYS OF GLAM: CAROL BOUWER “I always try to stand up for…the underdog”

Who is Carol Bouwer? If your answer was simply “actress best known for her role as Kgomotsoin the first season of Generations,” chances are... you are living in under a rock! Given, Carol was  a huge actress and a star in South Africa’s entertainment industry in the 90s to the early

#12daysofglam: Dentaa Amoateng “Having A Positive Outlook On Life Gets You A Long Way”

Make a list of great African women pushing the good image of the continent outside, and the name Dentaa Amoateng will surely be in there for the several selfless projects she has successfully embarked on and accomplished in the United Kingdom for Africans. The British Ghanaian award-winning entrepreneur has contributed to

#12daysofglam : Ivy Ekong “You can have it all”

The life of a fashion entrepreneur appears to be a fantasy world through the eyes of an onlooker. They always look gorgeous and seem to have a fabulous life, which usually is well documented by way of social media and each of their carefully curated blogs. Following their stories and

#12daysofglam:GLORIA DHLAMINI “…being your true self draws an audience without having to try too hard”

  If you live in South Africa, there’s a decent chance you already follow Gloria Dhlamini, aka gee_dhlamini, on Instagram (174,000 followers). If you don’t, you’ll want to after scrolling through her posts here. There’s a reason the 26-year-old is one of the most successful social media influencers on the Internet (SA),

#12daysofglam: IRENE MAJOR “… using culture as an excuse to deny universal human rights [to the gay community] is not acceptable”

Irene Major, British-Cameroonian singer, model and activist who first made a name for herself walking the runway in Cameroon and Paris, before meeting and getting married to Canadian oil tycoon, Sam Malin; then going on to found the ‘Gay in Africa’ Foundation and campaign -  a foundation which exists to