SPOTTED: Naomie Harris attends the Launch of Women-Only Club In London

Allbright, an all-women private club founded by Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow, is officially ready for women of all races/ages to meet, relax, socialize and network on business opportunities available in London and other parts of the world. Located in a beautiful five-story townhouse in Bloomsbury, Central London. It has on its list

From West To East Africa! Temi Otedola Explores Lagos & Mauritius In Latest Vlog

Nigerian fashion blogger, Temi Otedola has been exploring different parts of the world in her new vlog missed with her cooking show “Please Don't Poison Me”. The talented daughter of one of the country's millionaires, Femi Otedola is having much fun with her newly found love, vlogging. She did explore few countries

 “Diversity and inclusion is my own missionary work” – Startup52 CEO Chike Ukaegbu Shares His Startup Experience And Top Tips To Fund New Start-Ups

Every startup founder has two fears: failure and having to keep their start-up as a side-hustle for much longer than they desire. To work with entrepreneurs towards conquering or moving past these fears and actually survive, there have since emerged key players in startup ecosystems known as ‘accelerators’. Accelerators support

We’ve Discovered A New Online Tool To Help You Plan Your Event From The Comfort Of Your Home. Here’s All You Need To Know

There has been significant growth in online related businesses worldwide and not just Africa. Hence, companies are now operating and reaching different clients on a daily basis through digital platforms. For this reason, event planning expert, Adeteju Dosekun has created 'Event Concierge Africa', an online planning tool which seeks to connect you

Staying strong and independent when you are broke

 “Broke” is a relative term. Essentially, it means that one is substantially lacking in finance, still, it applies to different people in different ways.  For instance, being broke as an educated, job-holding, middle-aged woman in London is different than being a broke, unemployed and struggling artist in Lagos, Nigeria; or

#12DAYSOFGLAM: Amara Kanu “I felt uncomfortable knowing a large number of people have no home…I had to do what I could with the voice I have”

  From releasing a fitness book 'Healthy Living' advocating for wellbeing, to bagging a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School, London and now campaigning against the kidnapping and slavery of immigrants in Libya, there are many reasons why Author and Fitness Enthusiast, Amara Kanu, is GLAM AFRICA’s celebrity

Kayode Talks ‘Leadership & Teamwork’ In Episode 8 Of ‘Life With Kayode Fahm’ | WATCH

This episode explores leadership and teamwork and its importance to consistent productivity and success in life, to building institutions and leaving legacies and why it's still a work in progress in Africa. It also features a live leadership coaching session in Nairobi, Kenya with a cohort of young leadership fellows, many