sk_shopaholic_bottom_banner is giving out of $200 cash per month to one of our loyal readers, the comment counter on the right of the blog automatically calculates this.

Please note that:

– Where there are more than one top commenters, the giveaway price will be split amongst all

– Spamming the comment section (eg constantly leaving comments, posting comments which are unrelated to the post in question, constantly using generic comments like ‘really nice’, ‘awesome’ or pasting the same comment over and over on the same post or on different posts) could get your comments marked as spam (either before or after they have been approved on the blog) or get you disqualified from that months giveaway or indefinitely.

– Submitting multiple comments a few days or hours before month end may prevent those comments from being published.

– The widget counts the number of comments by email address and by name, so it is important that you stick to one email address and one name. Ensure they are always spelt correctly. NOte: ‘John Black’ will be counted differently from ‘John’

– The comment counter automatically refreshes after the 1st of each month, so give us a few days to contact you to arrange for the gift to be sent to you.

– In less than a week, we will upload a post to announce the winner and contact you by email.

– We will only communicate with you on the email address with which you have been commenting.

– If you are outside the UK, we will only send the money to you by Western Union or Money Gramme. Please note that you will be expected to bear the cost of sending.


30:06:2015: This giveaway has ended and will commence again soon. Thank you.


15 thoughts on “Top Commenter Of The Month

  1. Superliciously packed Glam Africa. Fashion, Beauty, Events, Lifestyle….all in one. I am enjoying the juice..

  2. I think quality of comments should be vetted, because the” really nice” “awesome post” has been accepted by the comment counter and not flagged as spam.with that I won’t need to even read the post

  3. Personally I am a Curly You user and I did the big chop a month ago. I had processed hair for over 20 years and looked with disdain on natural hair and viewed it as hard work and unattractive. I must say I have never felt so feminine as I do now and so proud of my African heritage. Black hair is beautiful so sisters lets start a revolution and claim back our African princess image.

  4. Thrilled about this. I really hope I win this month. I do love Glam Africa and I learn so much about fashion here, which is really important for me.

  5. Yay! The counter showed me as top commenter for the month of October. I really, really pray I win. I love Glam Africa and I have been an avid reader and commenter for a while now. 🙂

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