All brides want to feel like a beautiful queen on their big day, and until recently, the thought of that never included natural hair especially in Nigeria. KLS Naturals is here to change that!

Started in 2013 by a woman hailed “The Queen Of Natural Hair Updos”, Kemi Lewis founded the KLS Naturals Beauty Bar to address the rising need for natural hair care in Nigeria. Kemi now teaches natural hair styling courses in Lagos, targeted at natural hair enthusiasts who wish to learn to style their daughters, themselves and even hairdressers who wish to expand into the growing natural hair sector as well as others.  

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Since then KLS Naturals has created a name for itself as the Natural Hair Bridal Hairstyle authority as many Nigerian women flock to get a hold of their expert stylists who can transform any ‘Fro to a beautiful bouquet, adorned with bridal jewelry for that special wedding day.


Don’t believe us? Take a look at our top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Brides, courtesy of KLS Naturals.



African girl in natural hair, the high hair bun
The High Hair Bun


diamante diamond natural hair for wedding
Diamate styled hair


tiara styled wedding hair
tiara styled wedding hair


Pearl decorated bridal natural hair do
Pearl decorated bridal natural hair do

5.THE voluptuous braid!

voluptuous bridal natural hair style
voluptuous bridal natural hair style

Want to be one of the lucky few to join Kemi at her studio in Lagos in September for this exclusive course?  Call or email the KLS team to book your place before it’s too late. Quote Glam Africa’s discount code GLAMAFRICA to get 10% off.


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[email protected]

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