Ghanaian filmmaker, Kafui Danku introduced the title of her new book as ‘Silence Is Not Golden’ to her fans at a press briefing on December 10, 2018, inside the AH hotel and Conference in Accra, Ghana.

She has joined the tall list of African female stars who are sharing their stories with the world especially the fans to create awareness that, the fact that their stars don’t mean they had everything on a silver platter or they haven’t gone through problems before.

Here are the 5 things she revealed to us about the book;

  1. ‘Silence Is Not Golden’ is a collection of the personal emotional challenges she battled within her life.
  2. It will be adapted into a movie in the near future as part of her plans to make sure her story reaches everyone.
  3. She wrote the entire book within a year.
  4. She wants women to open up more on some of the problems they go through and hopes the book will have a meaningful impact on lives.
  5. The book is available for pre-order only on her personal website – for now but, will soon go on other online portals like Amazon, eBay etc.

Image Source: TwinsdntBeg/SwagofAfrica

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