On the 25th of May, the world celebrated the ancient and still majestic continent that most of us reading this call home. And we’ve found a great page to follow to appreciate our heritage.

MOYO BY BiBi, a hand-crafted accessory brand inspired by the Maasai, Samburu tribes from Kenya gives one the feeling of African luxury at it’s finnest. When we came accross this brand, we can only say it invoked an emotional reaction.

“MOYO” which means “heart” in Kiswahili, the main language spoken in Kenya and one that is rumoured to become the ‘African language’ to be taught in all African countries, creates handcrafted by native Kenyan men and women from villages from the country using traditional methods that make every single accessory a unique statement piece. So much so that American R&B singer Erykah Badu wore a few pieces on her cover feature of Bust Magazine.

See a few of our favourite pieces below and check out their Instagram page.

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