AFRICA – Urban Highlife pioneer has incorporated and introduced a new music band named “The 79th Element”, a true representation of his identity has a well musically endowed act.

Adekunle Gold made this known to his fans and the entertainment world on social media but the question most people asked the versatile singer is, why has he decided to form a band when he is already in a golden moment soaring high in his career?

Which he simply answered in the first post; “I get asked a lot when why I have now decided to incorporate a band into my act. Simple…God gives you a vision, once you begin to act on it, he will send you helpers…these are the people who make my vision come alive, including my first sweetheart my sister. Dear friends, I give you the 79th element.”

His text pointed to supports he received from the members of the band lifting him to where he is now and knowing their capabilities and knowledge in the music game, it right to put them together to work to continue on the journey of the realization of the bigger vision.

Be ready for more ‘wow moments’ and Fasten your seat belt for the world domination and the impact on the music industry from Adekunle Gold and “The 79 Element” band because it a group of talents with Michael Bakare (Producer and Director), Babatunde Alaba (Percussionist), Oladele Afoalabi (Drummer), Owa Ayo (Base Guitarist), Femi Leye (Lead Guitarist), Aigbokhan Martins and Kosoko Adekunbi (Backing Vocalists).

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the members of “79 Element” band below:


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