Trust Glam Africa to find some of the best products and this is one we are very excited about.

Afropop socks is a London brand made up of designers with an African heritage, who are passionate about staying true to African inspired designs whilst also incorporating a vibrant and contemporary colour palette for the young African diaspora around the world.

Afropop socks are made with high quality combed cotton making them soft, and durable. In these winter months, you will definitely need one of this to keep you warm and brighten up your day.

The designs are unisex and are available in large and medium sizes to suit both men and women.

And now to the juicy part! Afropop Socks is putting together a new range of socks and tight for kids, so your little ones can also join in. We’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know when it’s released, in the meantime, get your Afropop Socks at and don’t forget to gift some to your friends and family, they will be well impressed.


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