South African rapper and philanthropist, AKA is not here to smile with anyone regarding the blasé-ed way the fight against domestic abuse is handled in the African society.

In the early hours of today, the multi-award winning rapper took to his twitter page to say his piece, calling on men to do more to protect women and stop expecting women to fight the battle for them. He was of the opinion that, issues of domestic abuse and the campaign to stop actually shouldn’t be championed by women, rather being activated and led by men.

Following the wildly publicized incident last week where it emerged that well-known musical couple Babes Wodumo and Record label owner, Mampintsha’s relationship was not as rose-tinted as it looked, Babes’ physical abuse by Mampintsha being exposed through her instagram live, the issue has been a hot topic in South Africa.

In his fustrated tweets, the rapper challenged men to raise up and take the campaign to the next level by doing everything possible to hold abusive men accountable, starting with boycotting Mampintsha’s music and other businesses. He urged South African men to organize a march to their local radio stations as a protest to giving air-time to the musician.

Aka ended his tweets reminding his followers that he would be going to speak to some of his colleagues in the entertainment industry to see how they could organize and mobilize against the issue. Saying something needs to be done outside of just being an activist on the phone.

What are your thoughts on men leading the fight against domestic issues?

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