Elizabeth-Divine-AW2015-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-February20150016It is highly expedient and crucial to be recognized with a peculiar, more so uncharacteristic yet elegant, chic, edgy and lavishing signature –and when it is strictly feminine for the sophisticated high-fashion woman, you unquestionably have our attention.
Elizabeth Divine’s designs are structured silhouettes and exquisite palettes, striking a perfect balance between luxury and craftsmanship, whiles embracing comfort, versatility and elegance.
Today’s career woman would not miss out on fashion and classy style in her appearances; she wants her appearance to portray who she is –strong, versatile, refined, elegant, and feminine. Elizabeth Divine delivers just that, proficiently.




“I love to create beautiful garments for women that exude strength and elegance with some playful touches. Life shouldn’t always be that serious. I find inspiration in the weirdest of places, from my midnight dreams to quiet meditations to beautiful sights and culture of different countries. Life is a dream, realise it.”

Elizabeth Divine

Elizabeth-Divine-AW2015-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-February2015Visit http://elizabethdivine.com/all-wrapped-up/  for more details on this collection.

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