Art Basel Miami 2019
Art Basel Miami 2019

Art Basel Miami has become the main event for artists from all over the world and other creative designers in one space to showcase their works.

This year brought together a lot of people from different walks of life who share the same interest in art. With designs being showcased to the public and creative design lovers, it’s a moment everyone wants to see. Frequently, most of the renowned names in the creative space including Virgil Abloh, Kanye West and several others love times like this to showcase their works to the people who understands and appreciates them.

Art Basel Miami 2019
Art Basel Miami 2019

Therefore, it gained mark in the world for being among the top and most looked for art shows. This year was even better, making waves and creating spaces for true art to take centre stage.

Held at The Miami Beach Convention Center, we have surf and found some of the stunning melanin looks, that popped up at the event. From body painting to the exhibitions on the runway and more. Every Aspect was total beauty, from the December show.

See more images from Art Basel Miami 2019 below.

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