Be rest assured that 2019 won’t fall short of trends in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel et al industry just like previous years. It’s just the first two months into the new year and already we are talking about hairstyle and who is giving its life?

Hair forms a crucial part of styling for occasions, throughout history, unique hairstyles are used to communicate certain messages and African being deeply rooted in traditional beliefs, hairstyles like braiding, tying, afro and more throw people’s attention. Both sexes (men and women) pushes the borders of styling limitation to achieve remarkable styles that stand out from the crowd (easy to be noticed).

How simple is it to keep natural hair? Now, a look at South African beauty content creator, Sinovuyo Mondliwa’s work on herself and tutorials on maintaining and styling your natural hair, one will say, she makes it look like the count from one to five; very easy and pleasing to the eyes.

Practice what you preach is what comes to mind when surfing through her page, she wears natural hair throughout. Her tutorials to about 12,000 subscribers on YouTube serve every tinny detail that one needs to be overzealous and enthused about natural hair.

Let’s take a look at her prescribed procedures to achieving the perfect natural hair and how to maintain it by watching these tutorial videos below. A well laid out and fan step by step process discussed including the products needed in these three videos make it easier for anyone to switch the glow from one natural hairstyle to the other without any headache. You can try the styles out in the video if you are a natural hair fanatic.

  1. Sleek Hairdo


2. High Bun and Everyday makeup


3. Twist Out

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