There comes a time in any grown woman’s time when her coveted MAC, Bobbi Brown or Fenty Beauty products deplete. What’s worse is when this happens during the month and you haven’t budgeted for it. You know it’s time for drugstore cosmetics but you are insecure about them. NOW, you don’t have to!

Thus weekend I met an interesting woman. A friend of a girlfriend of my boyfriend’s best-friend (read that slowly now), this lady had tagged along to one of our couple group activities. After getting over the fact that a stranger had infiltrated our group, us girls got to know her and realised she’s actually such a cool person.

One of the best tidbits about her was how comfortable she was in sharing her financial stories While most of us keep our earnings and affordings close to our chests, she laid it all on the table about how rough things have been for her. The Horror was when she revealed that she uses drugstore make up that in total cost less than R150.

But her face was flawless!

For a moment I thought she was lying because her brows were meticulous, her lips lined perfectly and coloured in a deep rich looking mauve, it seemed farfetched until she pulled out her makeup bag from her purse. Truth to God brands we left behind in our teen years emerged and we were flawed. I needed to find out how she managed it, and she directed me to the video below by South African beauty influencer, Thandi Gama.

I wont say anything further.

Watch it, try it and let us know in the comments or on social media of your experience if you try it.

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