The Natural Har Movement is a creative expression that Africans have taken on for themselves. African Celebrities have also come out to lead the march!

Us black girls must have a God in the sky made in our image who was just plain tired of us abusing our hair with hot irons, itchy weaves and glue on wigs, because it seems the day finally came when she spoke into our souls and said enough!

And while the movement is growing world wide, there’s no one like a Nigerian woman who knows how to dive deep into womanhood and pull out originality! We found 5 of our favourite Nigerian celebrities who embraced their natural hair and rocked it with Godly pride!

Check it out below! If you live in Lagos and want to learn how to create natural hairstyle masterpieces, look out for our gift at the end of this article!

Kate Henshaw



Yemi Alade


Genevieve Nnaji


Omoni Oboli


Beverly Naya


KLS Naturals, A Nigerian natural hair empire who’s founder is known as “The Queen of Natural Up-Dos”, started a Creative Styling Course that gives you all you need to know about styling natural hair!


By taking this course you will learn:

  1. Different techniques for creating volume and beauty
  2. How to Roll Tuck and Pin
  3. How to Twirl Tuck and Pin
  4. How To Twist Tuck and Pin
  5. How to add extensions seamlessly for extra length
  6. How to use extensions to give the  illusion of volume
  7. How to create Flat Twists on either side of the head including Feed In Flat Twists with Extensions.
  8. How to create beautiful Jumbo Flat Twists

Want to be one of the lucky few to join Kemi at her studio in Lagos in September for this exclusive course?  Call or email the KLS team to book your place before it’s too late. Quote Glam Africa’s discount code GLAMAFRICA to get 10% off.


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