Lisa Folawiyo Runway SS19

Lisa Folawiyo SS19 collection is truly outstanding. It is the perfect mix between elegance and royalty as, the pieces bring a sense of peace and comfort!

Lisa Folawiyo Runway SS19

A collection that we all need this summer. The Nigerian-Trinidadian Fashion designer continues to amaze us with how unique the collections are each time. The SS19  line is so youthful.


The collection is such a piece of art. And just like art it is open for your own interpretation. Looking at the different pieces, they give a variety emotions and feelings. It is a way that as individuals you never think clothing can make you feel like.


Lisa Folawiyo begun to work on this passion in her home in 2004 after having her daughter. Thus, making the birth of Jewel By Lisa a natural occurrence. This is evident in the collections; Jewel by Lisa has an earthy and natural vibe to it.


‘Colourful’ and ‘vibrant’, these are some of the words used when observing these SS19 collection. The collections all in all, pay homage to the African print. Jewel By Lisa fits more than one description.

This continuation of blending traditional prints with Jewel By Lisa’s style is what Lisa Folawiyo loves and it is what keeps the label classy, youthful and clean.

This is my favourite dress from the collection. If my personality could be summarise in one piece it, it would be this. I love that the pieces allow you to define them how you want.

The label Jewel by Lisa is astonishing and truly royal. Definitely Trendy for Summer 2019.

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