Winnie Harlow Celebrates Body Positivity

Jamaican-Canadian Vitiligo runway queen Winnie Harlow continues to push the borderings for more women to feel confident in their skin.

Harlow was tapped recently for Kim Kardashians for her KKW Beauty posted a series of photos on her socials celebrating the evolution noticed on her skin. Not many had noticed the changes around her nose until she made the post.

Winnie Harlow Celebrates Body Positivity

‘My skin has changed so much in the past 6 years. it’s incredible. Evolution of Vitiligo is beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of what makes you different. My skin changes all the time, I relearn how to do my makeup all the time based on what suits it in that time. Skin is just skin. We shouldn’t judge based on it, condition or race. Like our minds and souls, my skin is ever-evolving’, she wrote under the post.

Harlow has been pushing the agenda for diversity and inclusion in the modelling industry with her works constantly.

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