In an industry where so many brands have claimed the discovery of some sort of new chemical that promises to wash away your problem skin like a miracle, only to end up damaging your skin even further, it was only natural for beauty experts to take it back to what used to work: Traditional Soap!

A brand that we at GA trust to take care of your skin? F & W Paris Tradition.

As the slogan is clear to state, “Made by Nature. Done for Beauty.” this brand, that has been a french traditional soap for many years, is made 100% with plant oils.

Introducing a NEW range (this got us excited!) F&W Paris gave us an offering of 5 different sweetly-scented soaps that are extra gentle on the skin, giving us a choice between Oat Milk, Rose, Shea, Honey and Lavender, in the Tradition range, depending on your preference.


Of cause being from Africa, the Shea soap stood out the most- we all know Shea Butter has been found to reduce inflammation and boost the skin’s natural collagen production for firmer, plumper, more youthful skin. There are also countless benefits of the other soaps too: Oat milk- being known for its protective and softening properties; rose- known for soothing and purifying, honey known for moisturising and lavender being hailed the queen of restoring balance to the skin, choosing between all of them is a hard decision!

So, we promised you a beauty tip and here it is:

  1. Go back to using traditional soaps on your face if you are looking for a naturally youthful and healthy looking face.
  2. Pick your favourite from the 5 different F&W Paris Traditional soaps
  3. When washing your face (a recommended twice daily)
    1. Lather up using your hands and not a washcloth
    2. Best results can be achieved if you give the ‘mask’ a few seconds of breathing room before washing it off. A minimum of 45 seconds is good.
    3. Again, use your hands to rinse off.
  4. The BIG TIP: If you have ever left facial wipes open by mistake and the packet dried out; instead of using a towel to dry your face, grab one of the dry wipes to complete the natural beauty regime.

Let us know in the comments about your results. PS, we are obsessing over the metal casing of the F&W Tradition soaps. This is definitely a good one for the #ChristmasShoppingList!

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