It’s that time of the year again when our skin becomes your utmost concern. You have just battled the harsh summer yet winter is fast approaching making doll, breaking skin another concern. Not to worry as we have found the perfect product for you.

F & W Gold is infused with skin softening and boosting anti-oxidants A and E, their specialized Cream Gel which brightens dull and sun damaged skin, restoring skin back to its smooth even-toned appearance. The Intense Argan Oil addresses uneven skin tone and faces dark spots, restoring clarity and radiance.

Throughout history, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties, so of course the F & W Gold Ultimate caught our eyes. Their researchers have made a real breakthrough in hyperpigmentation treatments that promise the most exciting advances in depigmentation skincare in this decade. Gold Ultimate enhances your skin’s natural beauty, brightening and preserving its flawless texture and tone with specific skin care solutions that offer a complete line of 13 exceptional skincare formulas for every woman who has specific skin concerns.

Choose F & W Gold to brighten your overall complexion, lighten the appearance of age spots, melasma and acne scars, instantly improving skin texture.

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