I woke up thinking what fashion tip to serve this week and a little voice whispered in my head, are fashion tips only for the female folk? Now this brought up a pang of guilt. The little voice was right, i need to be more inclusive.

I went on my MCM Noble Igwe‘s page, and got some tips for the men folks. Hey sis feel free to drag your man (boyfriend, husband, brother) to read this post. Who doesn’t love a fashionable gentleman?

Let’s start it off with the weekend vibe!


For a laid back weekend, go native! Best believe you have been ignoring this stylish look for so long. It’s a thing bro! Aim for a comfy-stylish look with Ankara shirts paired with shorts/trousers and a good looking sneakers. Casual but still sexy man weekend.


A stylish suit is an important attire for men; it certainly helps make a statement but can you ditch the black suit for a second and say hello to the world of print? Here’s the take; sleek, sophisticated and African!  A break from the usual black suits is welcome as you can see above, break out of the usual black suit jinx and try a print suit for a change. Your wardrobe will thank you and even better, you may look as good as my mcm.


Pairing jeans with floral print shirts and African prints are such great vibes. Let’s not forget to accessorize, a great pair of shoes accompanied with sunglasses and  your man is good to go!

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