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#FinanceFriday : WATCH | Idia Aisien Shows Us How to Use the Internet to Your Advantage


It’s another Friday but there are two types of Friday’ers: The first one uses their Friday to spend money. The second uses it to make it. Idia Aisien shows us how to do it from your couch!

Here’s an experiment to try if you are serious about making money: For two months, decline every social invitation that would require you pull out your purse. But with every decline, ask the person for the menu/rates/club damage fee for the night and calculate how much you would have spent if you went.

Collect this for eight weeks and revisit the amounts at the end of the months and then double it…

This is how much you COULD be making on the internet in the first quarter by not even lifting a finger!

I can feel your eyes bulging!

But listen out for a second: There are still some social activities you can do with your buddies that don’t require you knock back your bank account; maybe as a sub-experiment: rally your friends to join you in finding fun and free activities in your city to take part in; maybe that you guys pledge to add your amounts together at the end of the two months and start a business.

But this is just one example, Ida Aisen also has the scoop. Check out her video below for a few tips on making money online.

Did the tips help you? Let’s start a conversation on social media about financial choices.

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