Every woman needs me-time set aside at least once a week. What better way than a relaxing steamy bath?


step 1:


Mint Organic Care makes clean, biodegradable soy candles made with organic wooden wicks mark the height of luxury. If you are trying to create a spiritually peaceful vibe in your bathroom, a cozy scented candle burning at the edge of your tub will transform the air around you. Step one will set the tone of the upcoming experience and will encourage natural relaxation.


step 2:


Step two will bring out the girl-child fun out of you! I mean who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of watching a bath bomb dissolve in the tub like your old school volcano project? Throw one or two of your favourite flavours from Mint Organic Care to get the water juuust riiiight!


Step 3:


Once your taken your 5 minutes.. or 10, just soaking in the warm bath, make sure to use this time for a DIY spa treatment in the form of an exfoliating scrub that conditions help get your skin for a soft, supple finish.Natural cane sugar scrubs that thoroughly exfoliate and rejuvenate the face and body, leaving behind clear, soft and moisturized skin. The sugar sits in a mix of cold-pressed Grape seed and Coconut oil, which are both light, densely nutritional oils that are easily absorbed into the skin.


step 4:

oud BODY OIL & candle

For the Oud lover. Mint Organic Care‘s Oud body oil and Oud candle are skin loving formulas of Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lightly scented with musk oud. Once your bath is done, light up a candle wick of Oud which will complement the body oil that you should smear on your body right after you get out of your tub and your skin is still damp. This locks in the natural H20 moisture in your skin before applying your moisturiser of choice.

step 5:


The Mint Organic Care Hydrating body butters are made specially for cracked, dehydrated or just dry skin and are made using a variety of natural butters and oil, fortified with essential oils and whipped to perfection in order to produce a light, fluffy texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. Treat your skin to a buffet of goodness in this whipped cream!

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