Passion for Motherland Showcase has returned for its 4th edition. A combination of vibrant fashion show with live music and powerful poetry. The 4th Annual fundraiser will take place this summer in London, on Saturday, 20th August 2016 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Hotel Regents Park.
This year’s showcase is particularly important because all funds raised will be dedicated to supporting two projects: Beginning of constructions of PFM’s very own Shelter Centre in Kinshasa, which will provide a safer environment for up to 300 street children over the next 3 years
Supporting school fees for sixteen children at Charité et Secours (CHARISECOURS), our local partner organisation – which is currently helping children on very limited budget As a visitor to Kinshasa, one thing you cannot fail to notice is the staggering number of children who have no home to belong to. These vulnerable boys and girls try to make sense of their lives by wandering the streets aimlessly, searching for any kind of protective shelter. Some are orphans, while others have been abandoned by their families or had no choice but to flee domestic abuses. By building a safe haven for these children, Passion for Motherland (PFM) will help restore some dignity to their lives and give them hope for a better future.
Established in 2013 by award – winning model Lisette Mibo, Passion for Motherland Showcase has been our main fundraiser event. It brings together the best in fashion, music and poetry from the Congo and across Africa.
Over the past three years, through PFM Showcase, we have entertained thousands of guests and raised a considerable amount of money for organisations making a difference such as Panzi Foundation, Menelik and Save the Congo.
“You were incredibly organized and just wonderful to work with – and a powerful force for good in the world! We were so honored to have your support.” – Naama Haviv, Panzi USA Foundation Executive Director, PFM Showcase chosen charity 2015.
Now Passion for Motherland has defined its new mission, going forward, we will first focus on our Shelter for Street Children Project, before moving on to other pressing issues. This first project will allow us to create a safe environment for street children in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo and also the most populous urban settlement in the country with an estimated population of 10.12 million (2014, Demographia World Urban Areas – 8th Annual Edition)
 An ancestral African wisdom is embodied in the statement that “One finger cannot wash the entire body.” Reason why we count on your massive presence and support at this year’s PFM showcase which, it’s not a secret, will be loaded with lots fun. We believe that, together, we can do a great deal of good in our society by taking care of children who have no place to call home.
We are sure that you will love the event and we encourage you to book your tickets early and to invite your friends to do likewise!
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