I think it’s safe to say that South Africa has got to be one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. From its captivating views, its breath-taking arts and culture to its bustling streets. Everywhere you go in South Africa its beauty captures you, from its wildlife to its adventure this historic country is one that you should discover. Amongst all the attraction within, South Africa is known for its tourism and if you have ever wondered what you could do whilst there, we have a few places that is a definite must visit when you are there.


27 Boxes, inspired by London’s Box Park in Shoreditch, is a structure built out of shipping containers in Melville transformed from an obsolete park into a multitude of boutique stores and restaurants and kiosks appointed for creatives, fashion designers, jewellers and more. This is definitely a cool alternative to the bigger city mall.

27 Boxes was established to expose, as well as build a platform for creative expression, innovation and experimentation. Created for the community by the community this place unites the neighbourhood through music, culture, fashion and food. It is a place that inspires and is inspired by the plethora of young budding creatives and entrepreneurs around it. If you are a lover of arts and culture, patronising and supporting new business this is definitely worth visiting and supporting the local artist in the community.

Price: Free



There are so many different things to do when it comes to exploring and experiencing South Africa. But how about doing something out of the box like the Blue Train. The Blue train is renowned in South Africa, famous for its awe-inspiring five-star en-suite accommodation, freshly prepared cuisines served alongside its award-winning wines-what more could you ask for? Travelling through Cape Town to Pretoria and making the occasional stops at Hoedspruit, the Blue train is a train like no other. You get to experience 19 hours of sheer pampering whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape of the country. There are things that you don’t get to experience often and the Blue train is one of those experiences that you must do at least once in your life.

Price: R24,645 – R30,870

Best time to go: September 2018- November 2019




If you are a wine lover, then this is the perfect tour for you. South Africa has some of the best vineyards in the world, producing top ten award-winning wines- so it’s only right you get to tour the very place and see how it’s all done. The tour starts in Stellenbosch, where the first stop will be at one of the abounding estates to taste the first five wines. You’ll then set off journeying along different venues viewing the well-preserved Cape Dutch and Victorian architecture. Then move on to your next wine tour that is known for its award-winning wines. You get to witness how the wines are created and see where the wines are stored. Free wine and a tour on the side, yes, please.

Price: From £74 onwards

Best Time to go: All Seasons




There is no way you can come to Africa and not experience the adventure and the animals. Addo park offers just that. Addo Elephant Park, a sanctuary for a wide variety of South Africa’s wildlife is located in the Eastern Cape. The third largest park in South Africa offers a wide range of game viewing and outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, 4×4 trails. Perfect for the outdoors lovers. You also get to see the outstanding Addo elephants as well as the verdant citrus trees. Resident guests will also get to take part in the wide selection of adventurous activities, which include observing the park’s main attractions like, the Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Meerkat and the Flightless Dung Beetle. A perfect way to adventure around South Africa.

Price: £73 (Per day) (£364) 5 days

Best time to go: September- December



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