Some of the best places in the world to have the experience of your life are exposed by travel content developers like Noella Ogochukwu. She spent a couple of days at the luxury Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland where she was given the finest 5-star, amazing breakfast and a beautiful sky-pool.

Noella Ogochukwu’s early breakfast while enjoying the view and cold weather of the country. ‘You often see travellers with these bougie breakfast setups just for the photo op, then they run back indoors. The Swiss laughed at me when I genuinely wanted to sit outside in 3 degree Celsius weather because I couldn’t get over the VIEWS! He asked me you’re not cold? I said I’m Canadian, and right now our temperatures were -24 degrees Celsius. If only I took a picture of his face haha‘, Noella wrote after the breakfast in the cold.

The best moment captured by Noella is this sky-pool and the serene nature that accompanies the colourful and clean water. It’s a whole paradise on its own!

We are adding Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland to our list of places to visit this year.

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