If you haven’t, you definitely should!

Netflix is starting to pay attention to original African stories and we love it! This welcome inclusion started with the release of the first-ever African Original series, and spy drama “Queen Sono”.

Now the second African Original series, the teen mystery/drama “Blood & Water,” is here and it is already making regular appearances on Netflix’s coveted Top 10 list.

Blood & Water tells the story of Puleng, a 16-year-old in Cape Town, who transfers into the flamboyant Parkhurst College to try and track down her long-lost older sister, who was abducted at birth. Along the way, she discovers that the mystery around her missing sibling is far from the only secret begin kept by her friends and family.

 Blood & Water has it all: drama, mystery, rich kid debauchery, smoldering. Here’s the official teaser to the new hit drama.



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