With A growing movement for black women to embrace their natural hair without stigma, more and more women are on a quest to finding great hair care tips, trendy styles and growth stimulation. A woman in Lagos has mastered just that!

In response to the growing need for skilled and knowledgeable hair stylists and salons to care for the expanding natural hair community in Lagos, Kemi Lewis pioneered the first all natural hair salon 6 years ago, aimed at catering to the treatment, maintenance, nurturing and styling of natural hair of all textures called KL’s Naturals.

This has since expanded to include natural hair products, training for upcoming and established natural hair stylists and a natural hair bridal service.


“KL’s Naturals was created in 2013. A combination of factors and play of circumstances led to its creation. I had recently moved back to the country and was trying to find my feet work wise. As a lawyer, I had tried to find work but for some reason no matter how many interviews I had gone to, it didn’t seem to be happening.” – Kemi Lewis.

While she searched for a job, Kemi also had a burning desire to start her own business, which was seeming more and more like an option as opportunities were few.

“Around this time, a friend of mine had just started her own business, so I went to visit in order to bounce ideas off her and also to get some sort of motivation and direction. After telling her my ideas and sharing my frustration of not finding any salons that could cater to my natural hair, she said to me, ‘Kemi, why don’t you open a natural hair salon? You have natural hair, you’ve always known how to style hair and you would instinctively know what to do.’

This was the big lightbulb moment for her, she went home and started on a plan right away!

“The more I wrote, the more excited I became, so I knew I was on to something.” 5 months later, her first salon was opened.

But it didn’t come without it’s challenges: “Initially, finding the right staff members was difficult; I needed people that bought into my vision of a purely natural hair salon”

But the trick with staff is always about reinforcment about reinforcement, Kemi says, if you are able to sell the big idea to them in a way that brings them purpose, you are able to create marketers of your business even when they are not on the clock. 

This is how KLS Naturals started a training programme. Kemi Lewis realised over time that a lot of women were looking for mentorship on starting their own hair salon, or even just maintaining their own healthy natural hair. Kemi is now hailed the  “The Queen Of Natural hair Updo’s” in Nigeria, gaining a notable social media following on both her personal page @kemilewis with an amazing 60k following and the official @klsnaturals page with close to 13k followers!

Kemi Lewis, Founder of KLS Naturals

Kemi Lewis is a jack of all trades, being an expert in all things natural hair; an educator; respected speaker; and author of a comprehensive E-book called How To Grow Your Hair Long And Healthy”.

Probabaly the most exciting of the KLS Naturals offerings, has to be the company’s passion for elegant and unique natural hairstyles for brides. This has been one of the catalysts for many of the images of beautiful and regal African brides online that create a yearning for big and long natural hair. Luckily for Nigerians, Kemi Lewis and her team know how to get your hair there too!

Want to be one of the lucky few to join Kemi at her studio in Lagos in September for this exclusive course?  Call or email the KLS team to book your place before it’s too late. Quote Glam Africa’s discount code GLAMAFRICA to get 10% off.


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