Diversity and Inclusion have been preached by models of colour on several platforms. Levelling the playing field for both sexes also comes into play constantly and must be given the needed attention by all. As core voice in champion for these women, British-Ghanaian fashion model created Gurls Talk – an online community used by women to freely discussed troubling issues around mental health, relationships and more.

To add to her progress in pushing to bridging the gap for women, the celebrated model teamed up with American fashion doll manufacturing company, Barbie, and designed a doll in her likeness as a way to promote representation, which the doll does in its entirety – her skin colour, shape and even the magnificent fade in her haircut!

Everything about the Barbie Doll is a message- from the two outfits the doll can be purchased with, which memoir the two important moments in Adwoa’s life: the first one is when she won the Fashion Model of the Year Award and the second, a shout out to her Gurls Talk platform.

Adwoa and Barbie are also using the special achievement to mark the brand’s 60th anniversary, and International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019. Adwoa’s work and personality have earned her spot as a pivotal role model in society, hence, the new Barbie Doll will be a ‘Shero’ to many young girls.

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