The Jill of all trades, Youtuber, Business Owner & Busy Mummy speaks to Glam Africa about her current ventures with her current business ‘Lovable Lashes’ whats to come in the near future, as well as how she manages balancing her busy work schedule of Youtube fame and motherhood.

1) What was the lightbulb moment for you when you decided you wanted to launch your current business ‘Lovable Lashes’? you briefly mentioned it in one of your youtube vidoes, but for our readers who may not know much about yourself explain to us briefly.

Well ever since i started makeup I’ve always wanted to learn how to put on eyelashes and when i finally got the hang of it i fell in love! I love how it can completely change your look from girl next door to baddest chick around haha. Once i discovered mink eyelashes it was game over but i hated the HUGE price tag attached to mink eyelashes then on top of that because I live in the UK there wasn’t a mink eyelash brand readily available. I did a lot of research searching for ANY UK mink carrying eyelash brands but instead i found only 1 selling quite mediocre mink lashes for £24.99!! My plan to source affordable yet BOMB lashes began, I ordered from a lot of suppliers until Summer 15’ i found my dream eyelashes at a price i knew customers would LOVE thats when I took the leap and decided to fully commit to this business.

2) Alongside your business you have a youtube channel ‘Tammi Clarke’ which is doing really well. How easy or hard did you find it having to build up your followers alongside the thousands of Makeup Youtubers which are already also established?

Yes! Im so proud of my channel.

Its definitely not easy, it requires planning, dedication, consistency, passion and of course a good personality helps LOL. For a long time I would post 1 video a month with no real schedule or dedication because I wasn’t sure if makeup was my thing. To be honest, I started taking Youtube seriously the same month I started Lovable Lashes (Sept 2015), ultimately I noticed my subscribers really start growing when I was consistent and dedicated. As for other beauty Youtuber’s I try not to compare myself with others because it WILL get you down, however I love supporting other ladies if someone starts a channel tomorrow and hits 50k next week i’ll still be like YASS QUEEN! ‘What is for you, will be for you’ is was I believe so hating on someones success will not make you successful, instead let me befriend this bomb ass chick so I can be bomb too!

3) How have you found it juggling motherhood to your adorable four year old twins alongside your business and youtube channel?

When twins were younger it was a lot harder to have consistent videos because they were always with me, so I would film when they napped. Now they are 4 and go school 5 days a week I am FREE to film/edit everyday which has also helped my channel grow.  Now juggling my business and youtube is challenging, if I put my all into designing posters, planning sales and designing new products my Youtube/Instagram videos slack but when i put my all into my channel my business falls behind so right now I’m trying to find a happy balance.


4) Well done on your recent launch of your shadow palette ‘Caribbean Spices’! how has the response been? and what was the process in putting together the perfect palette that you were be happy with?

Thank you! The support has been overwhelming to say the least, if anyones seen my ‘Being a teen mum’ story time video you would know I went through a very lonely time in my life and felt like I had no-one and no future but to now get all this love and support I can’t even put it into words, I see my subscribers as friends and honestly look forward to comments from my regulars because they are always so lovely, kind and genuinely care about my opinions.

Its just so overwhelming! As I’m typing this now the palette has sold out and i still can’t wrap my head around it.


5) Do you have plans on launching a makeup range in the near future for Lovable lashes?

YES! That is my ultimate goal, thats the dream! Eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlights I WANT IT ALL haha. Honestly its a process and adding just 1 new product while supporting my young family is an achievement to me, its quite hard and requires a lot of saving and self control (No unnecessary makeup shopping LOL) but with each new product I launch I just see my legacy being built something for my own kids to continue which is definitely what we need more of especially in the black community.


6) Whats next for Lovable lashes and your business as a whole?

Well God willing we will continue to add new products, I 100% believe in my brand and the quality of my products, its just all about getting the word out there that Lovable Lashes exists, so working with more beauty influencers is definitely on the table. However, I would keep my eyes out for a NEW palette from Lovable Lashes  very soon….


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