Society is changing every day and with it, the idea of uniform ideal body shapes. We sat down with someone who embraces this whole-heartedly in the world of health and fitness: Cassandra Ofori, founder of Cass Fitness in the UK, on what works for each body type.

Fitness is a term used for creating a better version of yourself but it seems most people really use this interchangeably with a “sexy body”, but we tend to forget that fitness is literally that: how optimal is your body to handle physical challenges?

I’ll tell you one story, I recently travelled to an Asian country that had one of the world’s biggest “Big Buddha” shrines sitting on top of a tall mountain. Getting up the hundreds of stairs was to say the least: CHALLENGING! I was definitely motivated by the mystery that awaited me at the top but should I mention how kids younger than me skipped past me happily without breaking a sweat while I had to stop for multiple life-saving breathes? No? Didn’t think so either.

So when Cassandra Ofori, set the stage on fire with a Zumba work out at Glam Africas Beyond Beauty event, we had to just pick her brain on how to get in shape!


introducing Cassandra,

Founder of cass fitness

Cass Fitness from Cass Fitness on Vimeo

Glam Africa: Why did you start your company? 

Cassandra Ofori: In 2017 I got fired from my job in recruitment which was a very big shock to me. I was tired of being on my face having no money and feeling sorry for myself and I had a passion for fitness, so one day I decided to start a fitness instagram page just to document my journey to hopefully motivate others and show how I achieved my results. At that point I had no idea I was going to have my own products or eBook until January 2018 I decided to take the personal journey to a new level and due to the good reception I received I left my comfort zone and just went for it.

GA: How do you incorporate exercise into daily life?

CO: I am very busy as I also have a daytime job; I work in a school so it does get very hard, however I do join in with my clients when we train or I work out at home when I have free time. I just try schedule it somewhere in the day, even if its just 5 minutes. Remember something is better than nothing!

GA: How do you get your clients into staying healthy?

CO: I try to motivate my clients as much as I can; I’m a people’s person. I like to talk which always gets my client motivated. I know it’s hard to stay motivated but I believe my fun personality pushes my clients to keep going. I am constantly pushing my clients and ensuring I go above and beyond to help them reach their goals.

GA: What are the top 5 Mistakes people make when getting fit?

CO: The first mistake is comparing your progress to other people, we need to understand we all have different bodies.

2. Starving yourself- your metabolism slows down and therefore holds onto calories longer!

3. Working out but not changing bad eating habits. 

4. Procrastinating and saying you want to get fit but not doing anything about it. Then getting depressed by just watching people on social media who are doing something about it

5. Trying unrealistic fad diets- they never work in the long run and tend to take you back further than where you began.

GA: What’s your take on everyone wanting the same ‘Instagram body’ shape?

CO: My motto is “all women all sizes”.

I believe in empowering all types of different women. The fitness industry is saturated with women who all look the same, and it’s like if you don’t have a 6 pack or a aren’t a size 8 then it means you’re not fit. I believe my view on fitness is to help all types of women making fitness fun and encouraging women to be a better version of them.

GA: What are the top 5 things to know for a good diet


  1. Eat in moderation- manage your portions
  2. Again- Avoid Fad diets!!
  3. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar
  4. Stay Hydrated: Drink 2-4 litres of water a day
  5. Do not skip breakfast- it kickstarts your metabolism for the day!

GA: What reasons would you give someone who isn’t convinced that a personal trainer is necessary?

CO: Firstly I’d explain that long term guidance and motivation is necessary in all aspects of life, and even more so in the motivation to transform your body. Many of clients want and need that extra motivation because without it,  they don’t push as hard and tend to give up before reaching their goals.

Then I’d go into the fact that trainers know which are effective and efficient techniques-many people who are new to the gym may not know what they are doing in the gym therefore they need that extra guidance in order to increase their knowledge. Another benefit is Personal trainers can make your sessions more enjoyable, knowing you are not in this alone is usually a great boost! I’ll also add that you can get results quicker by using a Personal trainer and insight into nutrition that your particular body needs.

“I want more women to be confident in their own skin. By giving realistic ways to individuals to stay fit, I want everyone to understand it’s a lifestyle and it does not need to be complicated. I know with the products I provide, it has motivated many women to start their journey.” Cassandra

Offering personal at-home training sessions, or outdoor sessions with a group of your friends, Cass Fitness also accompanies you to the gym of your choice for personal gym sessions (depending what gym and area), for a full hour long intense HIIT workout that will optimise your fitness in no time.

Standard rate packages include:

  • 4 sessions- £170
  • 6 sessions  £210-
  • 8 sessions – £280

All prices below are sale prices and may vary depending on location.

If you would like to try out a session yourself, if you still not sure how much fun the classes are, you have the Pay As You Go sessions/taster session rate of £40 an hour.

What I love about the packages though, is how they also include coaching/mentoring sessions which include guidance and personalised advice to help you achieve your goal and  change your stubborn negative impact habits that prevent you from becoming your best self.

It goes without saying that I was one of the first in line to sign up because those stairs leading up to the big Buddha are still haunting my mind. I can’t wait to go back one day and clear them without breaking a sweat!

BONUS: If you sign up today, you will also receive the Cass Fitness Body Transformation Guide for FREE which is normally £7.99!

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @Cassfitnesss

Facebook: @CassFitnessss

Cass Fitness also have their own range of fitness gear! CLICK HERE to shop!

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