So, not to expose some of our readers (and editors ehm), but some of us haven’t figured out our finance yet and really need it explained in less boring ways. Well friends, welcome to the weekly review of Finance Bunny!

An industry celebrity in South Africa, Nicolette Mashile rose to notoriety with her colloquial hashtag: #BerekaMosadi which loosely translates to “Get your work on Girl!” which she turned into her Youtube channel that gave fun and practical tips to women to help manage their finances called Financial Bunny.

Born into a strict family, Nicolette surprisingly dropped varsity, a move she says would have gotten her killed by her military style father. After floating around for a few years, staying on her sister’s couch, her dad eventually scared her out of poverty by saying “Nicolette, Your friends will one day out-class you…”

Fast forward to a few years later, and she’s a self-made millionaire and a host of a TV show … Watch her story here.

Intrigued yet? Well so are we! And that is why we will be learning amazing tips from the Financial Bunny every Friday!

What are you waiting for? Tuck into your first video. The Financial Bunny asks:

Are You Thinking Yourself Poor?

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