If you think of  acid burns you think of Katie Piper, when you think of vitiligo you think Winnie Harlow, when you think hair loss you will think Nikky O.

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss from bald patches to complete baldness to a loss of hair all over the body including eyebrows and eyelashes.

How it’s caused:

Nikky: The exact cause of alopecia is unknown and there is no known official cure for alopecia. I was in my second year of uni when I discovered I had alopecia whilst my boyfriend was taking my braids out for me. It first all started off as small bald patches the size of a coin, these patches rapidly grew bigger and then in the space of two months all the hair on my head was gone.

Becoming confident with baldness 

Women opening up about hairless unfortunately still comes with a lot of shame and stigma. Hair loss affects a vast population of women and yet so many of us are still afraid to come forward and show the beauty in our condition. My journey to accepting who I was wasn’t easy and almost killed me (quite literally).  I struggled for a long time to come to terms with what was happening to me at such a young age, I tried many things to get my hair back all failed. Things got bad to the point I attempted suicide. After being in hospital for 3 months I came out with a new found attitude to help people going through what I experienced.

The Aftermath 

I didn’t realise the power in reaching out. In society, women are already subjected to the ever increasing demands to conform to the ideals of the conventional beautiful woman. In opening myself up to the world and showing my vulnerability I welcomed other women in. The beautiful women you see in the photographs with me also have alopecia and went through a similar process to get to where they are now today. Now my aim is to weaponise my weakness and increase awareness amongst women in the hair and beauty industry who are unknowingly providing solutions for women with hair loss.  

If you look at the current trend today inclusivity is “in” however I don’t want alopecia just be a trend or a feature in a magazine. I want beauty brands , hair moguls anything created for women to think of the non conventional woman when they are creating products. 

My makeup journey really started when I lost my hair. I had to learn how to pick up that daunting eyebrow pencil and draw my eyebrows on long before the eyebrow craze and got it wrong many times. When you have alopecia you honestly recognise the importance of eyelashes, eyebrow pencil and wigs cause often for a lot of us we’re afraid to leave the house without them . 


I now own a hair brand which caters to all women providing affordable and innovative wig solutions. When I first lost my hair i went to the G.P and was given a prescription for a wig . I trekked west London and to my horror a £70 wig prescription could only afford a stiff synthetic wig which couldn’t be styled. The beautiful human hair wigs were kept well out of reach with price tags reaching into the thousands. Innovair makes wigs affordable for everyone. 


I have worked with and been featured on Good Morning Britain, BBC, Alopecia UK, Eyelure, Shades of Beauty Live, Reveal Magazine, Glam Africa Magazine, Instyle Magazine and many more to name. 

We dare say that the woman is everywhere. This is undeniable. Everything made comes from a woman. Women incubate and bring forth life. Anything that comes against life comes against the very reason for which there is a woman. Innovair exists to ensure that no aspect of the quality of being female or a woman is lost. Take for instance Alopecia…should it stop her flying an aircraft, should it stop her from completing the first quickest successful heart transplant, should Alopecia stop her from from building the first £1bn business from home while homeschooling the next Prime minister of Great Britain?

Innovair says No. Alopecia can exist but we will thrive alongside it! Innovair exists so that women can bounce back. What this really means is; so that society can bounce back. Innovair is built on vision, persevering compassion and fearless compulsion to innovate with relationships; government & leadership, science & fashion, People & time, artificiality & age, what is seen & unseen, etc. We will continue to innovate until we rekindle light & vision in her in exchange for her despair & poverty…until every woman is beautiful again.

Our first steps and instruments as we begin are Beauty and Hair. Whether it is natural hair or one lovingly engineered for our Alopecia clients we announce to you today that our journey has begun with small steps but our scope is far reaching. As we go to work everyday we will keep innovating with impeccably designed products, made to the highest standards and delivered to our clients with highest form of customer service to not only build a successful business but above all to discover new ways to reach the beauty deep within every woman, make a connection and one day install a resounding (audible & visible) confidence in every woman that there is everything SUPERFICIAL about beauty when it doesn’t embrace the ugly.

Beauty is for every woman

Beauty is Love

We are Innovair!


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