Mothers come from all walks of life and no matter what language they speak, they all convey a language of love. This is not love that we know and define by the day but love that is selfless, unconditional, sacrificing, patient and kind. Love that suffers, trusts, protects, prays and hopes for the best in the worst situations.
I sit in my room reflecting on the past before turning my life around and my mind stretches to many aspects of my life where I was troubled. Too many people were hurt because of who I was, but my mom, amongst a few others who I hold dear to my heart, come to mind as she was there through it all and she is still here today.
I remember how she made sure we dressed in the latest fashion. I remember the love she packed in our lunchboxes for school. Wimpy meals delivered during break-time had other kids feeling envious. She was so focused on shaping us. The memories of her teaching me how to read time will always remain. My children will laugh at how forbidden speaking Setswana was, because the times she grew up in, had her believe in prosperity associated with speaking English. She always wanted better for us.
I grew older and her love never changed. She worked hard, denying her own desires so we could attend expensive schools. Sometimes we were called out of class into the principals office because our school fees were behind, but she always came through.
I love my dad (May his soul Rest In Peace). He was a great father but a terrible husband. After 23 years of marriage, she decided to get divorced and that is when we learned about the cheating and abuse she put up with. 23 years of hiding tears of pain behind a mask of smiles and laughter. 23 years of protecting my fathers image. 23 years of being strong for others when someone needed to be strong for her. Only a mothers love can do that.
From high school when I started taking drugs, right through varsity into my independent adulthood, I put my mother through hell. 15 years of drug addiction. With all the back chat, disrespect and never being home, you can imagine all the possible things I did to hurt her. Considering all that she took from my father during marriage and all that she took on after the divorce and passing of my father, on top of my addiction and rebellious behavior, she remained a mother to me the best way she knew how. She always wanted better for us.
This is a love understood in the context of God and one day in a year is not enough to celebrate our everyday super heroines with no capes. It takes knowing one mother to understand the DNA of mothers and because of the mother I have been blessed with, I would love to wish all mothers around the world a happy Mother’s Day. We love and truly appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts.


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