The B’s Beauty Palace Employs The World’s Best Beauticians To Elevate Your Beauty Needs To The Next Level.

Like they say “the beauty of a women is in the flawless and glowing skin”. Benita Blessing Matade Olarenwaju, a lover of self beauty and also obsessed with fashion, subscribes to this mantra and executes it in her beauty brand: B’s Beauty Palace. She holds a degree in business & economic along with an HDN in Leather fashion, as well as a certified beautician of a level 2.

with her thriving business, she has compiled a concise and educative book to to help you make the right beauty decisions regarding keeping your skin radiant. The skin care world can appear a bit overwhelming. With so many skin care products and brands out there, it might be hard to stay in the loop and decide which ones to buy. Not knowing how or even where to begin with your skin care routine might leave you feeling a bit confused. B’s Beauty Palace’s Radiant skin book covers all you need to know about what your skin needs to have a nourished radiance.

Find her book HERE.

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