Nigerian-Canadian Crooner Tobi Brings His New Soul-Single 'Beige' To A Colours Shows

Nigerian-Canadian fast-rising soul musician Tobi released his new single ‘Beige’ a few hours ago and performed it on A Colour Show.

On May 3, 2019, Tobi published his thirteen-track album – Still taking listeners through his personal life growing up and his relationship with family, music and more. Marked as the next big African musician in the R&B and soul music industry, the Nigerian entertainer champs many of his listeners with his classic vocal delivery.

Tobi’s STILL album cover.

For the first time after the release of Beige, a song revealing intimate relationship with his soulmate, the singer performed it on A Colour Show, earning resounding applauds for his magical input.

Watch Tobi performing Beige on A Colour Show below.

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