For women of color, shopping for makeup products can be anything but fun.

Looking for shades that match our glorious melanin skin tones that won’t cost an arm and a leg can be quite draining.

Although, we have to admit and applause if we may, over the past couple of years, the makeup and skincare brands that have sprung up and are producing quality and affordable makeup products specifically with melanin skin tones in mind.

However, we’ve been thinking, how wonderful would it be to have an online beauty store where we can shop quality and affordable makeup products made with melanin skin tones in mind? Hold that thought.

You are probably already aware of our passion for finding new versatile brands that are trendy and most of all fit our style and culture at Glam Africa. Well, we come bearing good news! (don’t we always?).

We are happy to introduce you to Minority Beauty, an online beauty store that sources and promotes independent labels (big and small) that produce quality makeup for melanin skin-tones but also high pigment colors that everyone can use.

During our chat with the founder Beverley Cedras, she shared that Minority Beauty was created because she noticed there weren’t makeup products that suited melanin skin tones in the high-end streets in the UK. Years went past and nothing changed, it was still a struggle to go to high-end stores and pay a premium just to get the right shade.

Thus, she created this beauty store to give people a choice be it by their budget or brands that they like. According to her,

“It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. We don’t sell anything to hide your beauty, just to enhance your beauty, as everyone is beautiful no matter their complexion”.

We simply love brands that cater to melanin blessed women and genuinely care about black girl excellence. You may not take our word for it, check them out and see for yourself!  Access the beauty store at or


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