Pamper Yourself at Aura Dental London by Experiencing the Exclusive Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Ritual

Melissa Day is the founder of Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture. She has been a therapist for the past 13 years.

Melissa Day

She is the founder of Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture. She has been a therapist for the past 13 years.

She is fully qualified in facial and cosmetic acupuncture and has years of experience as a Reiki Practitioner and complementary therapist.

I was lucky enough to attend a Niroshini Retreat session at the Aura dental London in one of their therapy rooms. I was received very well by the receptionist and Melissa came to me straight away.

Before starting the procedure, Melissa went through the questionnaire I had filled and sent beforehand. She then did an eye reading to check for any imbalances. Turns out my imbalances were an effect from not drinking enough water! I really liked this element of the therapy as I didn’t expect for it to have such health benefits.

Melissa then explained the Niroshini Method “Which combines cosmetic acupuncture and facial acupuncture.” The Cosmetic part of the procedure can target a range of things such as, fine lines, wrinkles and contour. Facial acupuncture targets all muscular issues and organs in the body.

I expected to feel the needles at all times, I thought the needles where going to be big and that I would be in pain throughout the whole procedure. Fortunately, I was not, I really felt at peace and I didn’t feel any pain throughout the whole acupuncture part of the procedure. The removal of the very fine needles gave me a sense of an “energetic relief” as my body began to feel even more balanced.

All the fears I had over acupuncture were quickly dissolved and I really enjoyed having the needles in my face…. weird right?

After taking the needles out, arnica was applied to my skin, just in case I developed bruising. “This is the downside of the treatment”, Melissa explained. I was lucky enough to have no bruising.
I asked Melissa how often individuals should think about having this procedure done and she explained that everyone’s process is different; some clients may come more frequently in line with their cosmetic goals and some clients come every few months just for maintenance.

The second part of the Ritual is the facial massage and lymphatic drainage treatment. This was to help clear toxins in the body and encourage fresh blood to the face. Melissa uses a blend of beautiful essential oils. I really enjoyed it as it was so relaxing and I felt even better knowing that my health was going to benefit from the treatment too!

Melissa explained how she got into therapy; it was after she had experienced complementary therapies and benefitted from them herself. She loves providing the Ritual as it takes into consideration the emotional and physical health of the client as well as targeting cosmetic concerns. She showed me a before and after photograph of a client who had a course of 10 sessions and she looked amazing; the changes were dramatic and she had a healthy glow! Melissa explained that she loves the difference in how people “feel” and how she sees them develop emotionally and physically.

Melissa is based in Ipswich for most of the week but she also works periodically at 58 South Molton Street in London, (closest station is Bond Street) and also Aura Dental London based in St. John’s Wood. I had the Ritual at Aura – this is a wonderful venue as the space is pristine, decorated beautifully and the staff members are warm and welcoming.

I really enjoyed the Ritual and speaking to Melissa. It is something that I will be doing again. I felt so rejuvenated and my skin was GLOWING. You will see the “glow” in the video below.

Melissa also runs Niroshini Transformative Retreats where the Ritual is delivered from. The upcoming autumn retreat is 28th – 31st October 2019 at Butley Priory, Suffolk. To book, email: [email protected]

At this retreat the guests have exclusive use of the entire building. The retreat includes a private chef who is also chef to royal households around the world. There will also be live music from international pianist and composer, Alex Wilson. Alex has now performed in 62 countries and released 9 solo albums. With his varied and colourful experiences, he has developed recital “Touring Tapestry”, specially created for this retreat, weaving music from around the world with his touring stories, the ups and downs of the modern musician and the healing power of music… Alex will also be joining guests, for the evening meal, prior to his performance which will provide an opportunity, to ask questions about his world tour, albums and more…The retreats are luxurious in every way and the venues are stunning!


The Ritual is incredibly unique, calming and relaxing. It is a procedure I would recommend!

Belle Grove Barns
Butley Priory

After the Ritual, I had a tour of Aura by the Business Director, Sanji De Alwis. Aura incorporates dentistry with a range of therapies.


Aura has tried to look less like a “hospital type of environment” and more like a place for relaxation. It has flowers everywhere and is very peaceful. I asked Sanji what his favourite room in Aura was and he said the waiting lounge as this is the first room people see – it has comfy sofas, beautiful flowers and relaxing music playing gently in the background. The concept was to create a lovely space where people can feel relaxed when visiting the dentist.

One thing that I noticed and really liked about Aura was that they have their core values on the wall as you walk in.

I really enjoyed my time at Aura with Melissa. Thank you Melissa for having me! Thank you to the team at Aura for such good hospitality!

For more information, please visit: or email Melissa on: [email protected] (Instagram: niroshini_retreats)

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