Catching up with the ladies in the Motherland, braided wigs are the go-to protective style in London this winter! We are absolutely loving the time and money we now save, not having to sit at the salon for six hours getting each individual strand of hair woven into our own. The magic has been done long before we arrive and all we have to do is swoop in, pick a look and within minutes we’re good to go! A number of brands are popping up with a variety of lengths, colours and styles of  braid which is great, because who doesn’t love having choices?! But this does mean that you’ve got to do a bit of research to find the right seller for you! I tested a wig by Ninny Hair for a week to help narrow your search. Ninny Hair makes African hand braided wigs that can be preordered or custom made. Here are my findings!


General Experience

As someone who very rarely wears wigs as a protective style, I was very happy overall with how this one looked and felt all week. With my hair cornrowed safely underneath, it sat neatly in place on my head all day, secured with a thick elastic band and an adjustable strap in the back. The colour is a very natural looking dark brown and the medium-sized twists are very flattering. It is designed in such a way that it has just enough braids on it to appear full and luxurious without being heavy. I received plenty of compliments about my chic and sophisticated new look.


The Negative

Because the braids were made from synthetic hair, this was not the best length to choose for comfort. The ends of each braid scratched against my face every now and then – not so much as to cause irritation, but enough to cause annoyance. I kept pushing it behind my ears. And as for whipping the hair back and forth? Forget about it! Unless you want to take out an eye! Would suggest selecting something longer, preferably braids that reach down past the shoulders where the ends would sit on clothes rather than bare skin.


The Positive

This wig has the most amazing parting ever! Honestly, it is so wide, flat and almost transparent that the braids on either side really do appear as if they are attached to my scalp. Genius!


Verdict: ⅘ star rating

Ninny Hair braided wigs are a quality product available in a variety of colours and different size braids too, so I will definitely be exploring others in the range and would encourage you too as well!

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