The history attached to every brand out there signifies its uniqueness and this one is no different. South African well-travelled chef, Sally Williams has crates to a food chain that after 21-years is still the most sought after. Sally devoted her time in the kitchen preparing and mastering the act of mixing ingredients from the local market to make her nougat second to none. For it, she discovered un-adulterated pure South African honey and export quality macadamia nuts that can attest to the quality of Sally Williams nougat.

On what makes the Sally Williams nougat the best, the market manager of the brand, Michelle Pavkovich said; ”Sally Williams is a proudly South African business with the highest international standards, where our product are manufactured in a world-class production facility that allows us to compete with the best of the best the world over”.

Just as South Africa is a country filled with many unique and diverse cultures, so too is each Sally Williams nougat skilfully handcrafted to perfection offering an original taste experience in every delicious bite. What better way to celebrate the cultural diversity of South Africa than by indulging in a unique treat with those you love.

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