As children we all loved glitter but now as grown-ups there are only certain times and places we can wear it…so when is the right time to get the glitter out?

What is amazing about the beauty industry in 2019 is everything you used to love playing dress-up with when you were younger has been validated and set free for the grown-up-you to endulge in again. We aren’t so sure about those pink princess slippers though, but the colourful body sparkles are back on trend and allows for even better expression for every woman!

So we figured reintroducing this back into your life might be a slight challenge for you; which products are best for your grown up skin? We’ll tell you know that the glitters found in the kiddies section wont do anything for your adult skin! Another one is when is it actually appropriate to embrace your inner little girl? It’s a no for the boardroom (for now), so we are here to help you out on both questions!

First: What’s the best body glitter?

Well if you are anywhere on social media you have awed at the Fenty body shimmer campaign advert that speaks volumes for body positivity. While that is obviously on everyone’s wish-list, we also discovered a gem in a new brand called ST Essentials, that was birthed on a beach in Cuba. he idea for St Essentials was conceived from a revealing conversation about race between co-founders Temi and Sheena that reminded them about the beauty of being women of colour. St Essentials shimmering body gels were created for those that celebrate their skin and love to  enhance their glow.

With a product offering of 8 shades: Pink Polynesia, Cool Cuban, Malaysian coral , Golden china, Egyptian spice, Sub-Saharan bronze, Colombian cocoa and Flaming Hawaii Avocado oil, the shimmering body gels hydrate and moisturises skin, ensuring a signature sparkle and shine to your skin.

ST Essentials came through and wowed the crowd at our recent Beyond Beauty event!

second: 4 perfect moments to wear your st essentials body shimmer

At A Carnival

Carnivals are a great time to put on an outgoing outfits and have fun.
You could add to your outfit by putting shimmer gels on your skin to
make it shine. ST essentials glitter gels are made from Aloe Vera which
leaves your skin moisturised and not greasy.



Taking a nice picture for Instagram can sometimes be difficult and
stressful, I would know from experience, but a little glitter could make it
a lot easier. It could make your skin glisten and save you the extra

Summer goals Beach parties!

When you are at a beach party and want your skin to have some extra
sparkle and shine then shimmering glitter gels would be great for this
occasion, and if you ever get sunburnt, ST Essentials shimmer gels are
made from natural ingredients like aloe Vera and avocado oil which can
help treat sunburn.

Spice up that boring dress!

If you’re running late on a night out and still not sure what to wear, why
not put on that plain boring dress that’s been sitting in your wardrobe
and jazz it up with some shimmer. You could put it on your arms and
your collarbones to add some sparkle to you boring dress and make
your skin glow.

St Essentials was created for the benefit of everyone, for all skin shades, disabilities, body sizes, sexualities or religious beliefs. And might we add, is an ESSENTIAL to bring along to your beach holidays, festivals, or just a day out with your friends!

Each gel goes for about £23, CLICK HERE to shop for yours online today!


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